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Born in Israel.

Live and work in Avtalyon.

Fine art studies at the Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag (The Free Academy of Fine Art, The Hague, The Netherlands) (1995-98).

// exhibitions

2019 "Takeoff and Landing", Gate 3 art Gallery, Haifa, Israel

2018 "people and landscape", Zadik art gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2017 "Kav-Kavim" (lines), curator: Michal Blayer, The Entrance Hall gallery, Misgav, Israel

2017    Zarkshi gallery, Sakhnin, Israel

2017  Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY

2017  Haifa Art Fair 3, Haifa, Israel 

2016  The Art Guild of Port Washington, Port Washington, NY

2016  The National Art League, Queens, NY

2016  The Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY

2016  Huntington Art Council, Huntington, NY

// gallery

The Firefly Artists, Northport, NY

// collections

-Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

-Private collections

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// break and recompose

Mosaic as a medium of expression leads me to deconstruct the image I wish to capture into its most basic shapes, colors, textures and to recompose its patterns, repetitions, rhythms and movements. It is a creative and challenging process that is made of searching, exploring and experimenting with the materials. This is what makes mosaic so special and interesting and why I chose it as my medium of artistic expression.

// the process

The colored glass sheets are hand cut into different shapes using glass scoring tool, and running and grozer pliers. These shapes are placed and glued onto a costume made lightweight boards created with thin (1/4") good quality plywood. Finally the work is grouted using colored mixed sanded grout. Although the work is not transparent as in traditional use of stained glass, the textures and colors of the particular types of glass I use (e.g. iridized glass) are affected significantly by light projected on them and could reflect back light.